Full Blood Test

Full Blood Profile in London

full-blood-profileAre you interested in a private blood test that will provide you with an accurate summary of your health? From breakdown of cholesterol, to kidney function, liver function and much more? Our head doctor has created a unique full blood profile in cooperation with our laboratory that offers an excellent overview of your health.

This was recently featured in the Daily Telegraph, BBC3 and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

The profile includes:

•    Full haematology (blood count)
•    Infection and inflammation markers
•    Full cholesterol screen
•    Liver function screen
•    Kidney function screen
•    Muscle damage markers
•    Calcium screen
•    Potassium level
•    Sodium level
•    Iron profile
•    Glucose level

 Results are available in 4 - 12 working hours and can be emailed to you to discuss with your GP or with one of our doctors if you've had a consultation with us. You can return for a consultation if you want to discuss your results after receiving them. Consultation rates are on the rates page.

The cost of this profile is exceptional value at £95.


Please note that if you require a consultation, the cost of this is not included in the cost of the test.