Ear Syringing

Ear Wax Removal

Ear-Syringing-IrrigationDo you suffer from earwax blockages? Do you find it difficult to see your GP for earwax cleaning? We know how uncomfortable and debilitating it can be and are ready to help.
Earwax is produced to lubricate and protect the lining of the ear through catching dirt and repelling water. Overproduction of earwax can, however, lead to blockages in the ear that causes temporary hearing reduction. They can be sometimes painful.
Those who do have a tendency to produce excessive amounts of earwax should be cautious when using cotton buds, ear plugs or a hearing aids as they can compact the earwax into the ear canal and block it.
If this happens to you, you can use our walk-in services or book an appointment with one of our GPs for ear irrigation. At both our clinics we use the latest water-assisted ProPulse system. The General Practitioner will remove cumulated earwax gently but effectively. The ProPulse system helps to reduce the risk of ear drum perforation and other ear injuries that could when using traditional ear syringing methods.

Earwax removal at our clinics includes an ear examination, a prescription for earwax softening drops (if required) and ear syringing at the affordable price of £100 for both ears.

Please note that we recommend using olive oil drops or earwax softening drops three times a day for at least five days before ear syringing.

Why choose our clinics to have your earwax removed?

We offer prestigious Harley Street Standards with a caring approach in both Central London locations.

What is the price of the procedure?

We offer earwax removal at the affordable price £100.

What if the doctor cannot perform the earwax removal at my visit?

We ask our patients to use earwax softening drops at last two days before ear syringing. If the doctor still cannot remove the earwax we will charge you with £75 consultation fee and book you another appointment for ear syringing where you just pay the balance of £25.