Fitness to Work Statement

Assessment & Certification

fitness-to-workAssessing whether an employee is fit to return to work following surgery, sickness or disability needs to be dealt with sensitively and in a way that takes into account the requirements of their job, their working environment, their personal wishes and that ensures no worsening of the condition will be caused.

The assessment looks at both the physical and psychological health of the employee and whether they are able to perform the duties and responsibilities of their position.

Where the employee is unable to return to work in a full-time capacity, we look at options for part-time and working from home. We also assess work stations with the support of an occupational physiotherapist and make recommendations that will help an employee back into work.

Unlike many occupational health services, we support the employee medically also with the correct referrals, medication and ongoing support to ensure they are comfortable and well-supported.


For more information, please contact and ask to speak to the clinic manager.

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