Occupational Health

Fitness to Work & Stress Management Services



From our experience, we are aware of how vital occupational health is for companies. Research from the NHS shows that there is a decline in short-term absence noted by 39% of companies providing occupational health, alongside a 28% decrease in long-term absence. By listening to our clients carefully we are able to provide tailored services to our clients including:


wellbeing in the workplace

 sick leave verification

 pre-employment medicals

 annual executive medicals

 stress management

 psychological assessment


In addition to the comprehensive range of services, our clinics are located at convenient locations in the City of London and in Harley Street providing excellent healthcare for the London West-End area.


In cooperation with our therapists we can provide workshops and seminars on stress management, mindfulness and health related issues.


These services are available at both clinics. Please contact

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