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Changes to Our Opening Hours

Our Queen Anne Street branch continues to operate normal hours and services.

Our City of London branch is a temporarily closed due to the current lock-down.

We are confident that we will be able to achieve continuity of care for you through our Queen Anne Street branch and are committed to looking after you now and in the future.

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Full STD Screening – Harley St Clinic

Sexual Health Screening & Treatment

Our Harley Street walk-in clinic, located near Oxford Circus, Bond Street, Regent’s Street and Baker Street, offers a comprehensive package of sexual health tests for wellness and peace of mind.

Our Harley Street clinic offers a full sexual health screen package, designed to check for the presence of all major sexually transmitted infections, whether with or without symptoms.

Our package includes:

  • HIV antibodies – this test checks for the presence of antibodies that the body produces in response to the presence of HIV infection
  • Early HIV detection (P24 antigen) – this test can detect HIV sooner after exposure (around 10-14 days) than the antibodies test
  • Syphilis VDRL
  • Hepatitis B surface antigen – if you have had a hepatitis B vaccinations, your body will produce hepatitis B antibodies, and these will show up in most tests. Instead, we test for the virus protein, which will reveal whether or not you have an active hepatitis B infection.
  • Hepatitis C antibodies
  • Herpes simplex
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhoea

Our experienced and professional team is here to make your screening process as streamlined and comfortable as possible. Our clinic promises an organised and straightforward service with excellent care.

We offer:

  • Walk-in, last minute, later and early morning appointments to suit a busy schedule
  • Straightforward and quick testing procedures, carried out in-house at our Harley Street clinic
  • Confidentiality – we will not contact your GP unless in special circumstances which will be discussed with you in advance, and you do not have to give us your real name
  • Choice regarding how you receive your results (over the telephone, by email, post, or collection)
  • Private prescription service is provided where necessary
  • On-site counsellors available

What to do next

For more information about individual infections and our tests, please see the sexual health section of our website. You can give us a call to make your appointment, or use our online booking system.

  • 02073231023Harley St Area
  • 02071010355City of London


Preparing for test

If you are having a urine test, it is advised that you avoid urinating for two hours before your appointment, in order to get the most accurate result. For blood tests in general, always make sure you are well-hydrated, as this makes the process easier.

During the test

The doctor or nurse will speak to you about any symptoms, and ask some questions. If you are having a blood test, this involves drawing a small amount of blood from your arm using a needle.

Type of sample taken:

Most of your tests will be covered either by a blood or a urine test. If you are showing symptoms, the doctor or nurse may also require a swab. You will be asked to give your urine sample when you arrive, and the doctor or nurse will take your blood or swab samples during the appointment.


The turnaround time for your results depends on which tests you are having. Blood test results will be available within 4-6 hours, some urine results come back on the same day, and others take 2-3 working days. For full sexual health screening, you will usually have everything back within 2-3 working days. These will be emailed to you or delivered over the telephone, depending on your preference, or can be picked up in person.


When and how will I get my test results?

Turnaround times depend on the type of test, but some will be ready as soon as 24 hours. It is your choice how you receive your results, whether on the telephone with a doctor, by email, post, or in-person collection.

Should my partner get an STD test?

We advise that both you and your partner should get tested if either of you are experiencing symptoms, as you can pass an infection back and forth, and one of you may be asymptomatic (not showing obvious symptoms of an infection).

What happens if I receive any positive test results?

Any prescriptions required are included in your consultation fee. You will be able to discuss your results with the doctor, who can advise you on how to proceed.

Visa Medicals – Harley Street Clinic
Visa Medicals – Harley Street Clinic
Visa Medicals – Harley Street Clinic
Visa Medicals – Harley Street Clinic
Visa Medicals – Harley Street Clinic
Visa Medicals – Harley Street Clinic
Visa Medicals – Harley Street Clinic
Visa Medicals – Harley Street Clinic
Visa Medicals – Harley Street Clinic
Visa Medicals – Harley Street Clinic
Visa Medicals – Harley Street Clinic
Visa Medicals – Harley Street Clinic

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