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Hormone Imbalance Test

hormone-testingThroughout our lives, our hormone levels shift and change resulting in various physiological changes.

In addition, abnormal levels of certain hormones are associated with a wide range of symptoms and illnesses including diabetes. 

In women, hormone profiling allows us to understand unexplained weight gain or loss, tiredness, hair loss, hirsuitism and acne and helps us to diagnose syndromes including polycystic ovarian syndrome.

It also allows us to understand your menopause status later in life.

In men, hormone profiling is an important diagnostic tool in investigating hair loss, erectile dysfunction and tiredness as well as many other symptoms.

More information about hormones and hormonal imbalance:

Hormones are made within the endocrine glands of the body with the main ones being the thyroid, pancreas and pituitary gland. 

If hormone imbalance is left untreated, it can result in medical conditions such as diabetes, growth disorders and reproductive disorders as well as tiredness, acne, hair growth and loss and weight gain and loss. 


Hormone profiling is available at both of our Central London clinics and results are available within 24 hours. Please contact.

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