Liver Function Test

Blood test for Liver Function

liver-function-checksThe City Walk-in Clinic offers liver function test as part of our full blood profile screen. 

A liver function test looks at a number of clinical biochemistry parameters including liver enzymes. 

Liver function testing helps to catch liver diseases early, particularly as in their early stages, the symptoms are often mild and not detected.

Liver disease can be caused by a number of different factors including excessive alcohol consumption and hepatitis.

These tests can also be the first step in diagnosis of other conditions such as fatty liver.

In the case of abnormal results, an experienced doctor will help you understand the next appropriate step in terms of either further testing or repeat testing in the first instance.

These tests help to distinguish between different types of liver disorder, check for the extent of any liver damage and also monitor the response to treatment.

A liver function test can also be used to monitor the health of your liver while taking certain medication.

The cost of the full blood profile is £95.00 and also includes kidney function, liver function, haematology , cholesterol profile and many other elements.

If you require a consultation, this is an additional cost.


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