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medicalsDo you want to have more of a picture about the general state of your health? Do you share our belief that prevention and early detection in medicine are vital to well-being? Our clinics in the City of London and Harley Street offer a broad range of routine medicals and check-ups that can help in answering these questions.
Our medical check-up services can be tailored in order to provide you with a broad overview of your health, focus on a specific element you are concerned about or respond to a specific requirement for employment and travel purposes.
Regular check-ups are a popular choice amongst patients that are on regular medication requiring regular blood testing or physical check-ups. GP appointments at a private clinic can provide you with high quality healthcare causing minimum disruption to your daily routine.
Your needs are always at the centre of our attention. Our doctors take the time to listen to your expectations and deliver fast results. Our appointments reminder system can take all of the hassle out of organising your regular appointments.


Routine check-ups include:

Blood pressure checksWellman(full comprehensive medical)

Wellwoman (full comprehensive medical)Sexual health checksDiabetes screenCholesterol screenLiver function Kidney function Prostate cancer screenTesticular cancer screenBreast cancer screenCervical smears


We also offer a full range of employment, visa and occupational health medicals including:

Pre-employment medicalsExecutive medicalsEmployment medicalsFitness to work medicalsSick leave verificationVisa medicalsOverseas Placements

Why you should use our clinics:

1   Experienced doctors conduct all of our medicals from beginning to end
2   Fast turnaround times and telephone consultations to discuss results as part of the service
3   Detailed reports that explain findings and recommendations with all the information you need for next steps
4   We offer convenient appointments at clinics in the heart of the West End and the City of London



If you are a company, please contact our Harley Street or City of London clinics.

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