Cardiac Tests in Harley Street

Resting & Exercise ECG Testing

cardiac-testingOur Harley Street clinic is fully equipped for cardiac testing with on-site resting ECG and 24 blood pressure monitoring and exercise ECGs are conducted by a local provider.

In addition, we have fast-track access to leading cardiologists in the Harley Street area.


There are a number of benefits when you use our clinics for cardiac testing:


• Our exercise ECGs are conducted by doctors, not technicians, which makes us an ideal choice for higher risk patients

• Appointments are available on the same day

• Cardiologist reports on your tracings and 24 blood pressure monitoring results are available within 24 hours


There are a number of reasons you would require cardiac testing:

1   Symptoms

You may be experiencing ongoing chest pains, shortness of breath, dizziness or other possible cardiological symptoms and would like to be examined by an experienced doctor and conduct the appropriate testing in a convenient and safe environment.

2   Blood pressure

 If you have recently had your blood pressure measured and it was repeatedly elevated, a 24 hour blood pressure monitor will help your doctor come to an accurate diagnosis. There can be a number of factors at play, including anxiety or rushing to your appointment, and a 24 hour monitor measures your blood pressure repeatedly through the day to check to see if your readings are a one-off or more persistent problem.  These results will also help our doctors understand whether treatment is required and lifestyle advice will be given.

3   GP referral

Your GP might want you to have a number of tests not immediately available on the NHS or available privately locally to their practice. We are always happy to assist and will provide your report to you to pass onto your GP for further discussion and management.

4   Employment or insurance purposes

An increasing number of insurance companies and employers would like cardiac testing before issuing a policy or beginning employment. An exercise ECG is a good indicator of how your heart functions when under exertion or stress and a resting ECG gives a good general impression of heart health.



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