Cuts & Grazes Treatment

Minor Cut & Bruises Treatments in London

minor treatments cutsMany people are seeking an alternative to waiting in A&E for several hours for treatment of a deep cut.

Our clinics offer urgent appointments so you can get on with your day. 


At our clinic, we will:

1   Assess the cut for any tendon or nerve damage
2   Clean the wound
3   Choose the most appropriate method for closing the wound, whether stitching, glue or steristrip
4   Provide infection control, antibiotic treatment and if required, tetanus injection
5   Organise a follow up to ensure the wound is healing and no infection is present


Our doctors Clinic can clean, close and dress cuts on any part of the body. Closing of the wound can be done using skin glue, steristrips and sutures. 

We use local anaesthetic to ease the process and will review the wound as part of the cost.

On the face, we can clean and dress the wound and secure with skin glue or steristrips where this is medically appropriate. Unfortunately, we do not stitch faces or heads and you will require a referral to a plastic surgeon to avoid excessive scarring.

The cost of fully treating a wound, with follow-up, is £150. If a tetanus injection is required, a further £50 is payable.


Calling in advance is recommended so that booking is made with the appropriate doctor.

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