Minor Injuries and Procedures

Treatments for minor injuries and the procedures we offer

minor-injuries-proceduresSometimes, the worst thing about life's bumps and scrapes isn't the soreness but waiting at Accident & Emergency for hours to be seen. Also, some things are difficult to deal with at home but are not appropriate for Accident & Emergency. This is when a private clinic like ours can help. 

We offer a small emergency clinic of our own for minor injury treatments as well as all your X-ray and ultrasound needs with no wait and immediate or same-day results. 

We can look after most minor injuries with the need for further referral.

For suspected sprains and fractures, we stock a full range of mobility and stabilisation boots and accessories to make your injury as safe as possible before referring you to an orthopaedic specialist where this is appropriate. 

We can close most wounds and offer regular wound cleaning and redressing if you've recently had an operation or injury already treated elsewhere. 


We can provide initial care and diagnosis for:

Cuts Minor Burns Sprains and Back Pain Suspected Fractures Splinters


Minor services include:

   Stitches and stitch removal*
   Wound cleaning and dressing
   Infection management
   X-rays and ultrasounds


Minor procedures include:

   Small lesion removal (this must be first assessed by the doctor)
   Small abscess drainage (this must be first assessed by the doctor)


*Please note that we will not stitch faces – we will clean and close the wound using glue or steristrips in the first instance.  Any face wounds requiring stitches will be referred for further management. We do not offer stitching services for children.


We recommend calling in advance to ensure that you see the best doctor for your situation. Please contact:

Contact Harley Street Contact Harley Street