Remove Splinters

Splinter Removal & Treatment

minor treatments splintersSplinters can be uncomfortable and painful but can also cause infections. 

They are foreign bodies that either fully or partially embed themselves into the skin.

Our clinic can remove most splinters including those that are deeply embedded or under a finger or toenail. 

They are usually full of germs and may cause an infection.


When should I seek medical attention for a splinter?


Many splinters can be easily removed at home without complication but there are times you should seek medical attention:

A splinter under a fingernail will nearly always become infected if not fully removed


Deeply embedded splinters that require local anaesthetic for painless removal


If the site of the splinter has pus, increased pain, swelling, redness or becomes warm. This is usually a sign that part of the splinter has remained under the skin and infection has started to develop.


If you feel that the sensation around the site of the splinter has changed, you might have damaged a nerve and this should be looked at.


Removing splinters from children can be difficult as they move around and can be uncooperative.

We can remove splinters, even deep ones, in our walk-in and same-day appointment service.