Sprains and Back Pain Treatment


minor sprains-back-painSprains can be as painful and difficult to heal as fractures and should be taken seriously, especially supportive joints such as ankles and knees.

Our doctors will ensure you receive a thorough examination and where required, a fast referral for imaging. Your joint will be strapped and secured and crutches are available at the clinic.

Should imaging reveal tendon or ligament injury, further management might be required from an orthopaedic specialist and ongoing physiotherapy, which can be arranged via our clinic.

The City Walk-in Clinic provides urgent and walk-in appointments for joint and sudden back pain. 

We will do a full assessment, organise any x-rays or scans and provide pain relief and further treatment. 

Our aim is to secure the joint, reduce the chance of any further damage, relieve pain and improve mobility.

Back pain

The sudden onset of back pain is distressing and debilitating. 

Many people try to cope and wait and see. We recommend seeking medical advice as soon as possible to help prevent muscle spasms, check the cause of the pain and prevent it worsening.

Our doctors will examine you thoroughly and organise imaging and any specialist referrals that you will require.

They will also help you manage the pain and reduce muscle spasms.


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