Suspected Fracture Check ups

Pain Relief Treatments and Surgeon Referrals

suspected-fracturesIf you suspect you might have fractured a bone, or are experiencing ongoing pain following a recent trauma, there is an alternative to A&E. 

At our clinic, you will be given an urgent appointment and will see a doctor for an examination. 

It is sometimes possible to exclude a fracture by examination. If there is suspicion of a fracture, you will be sent for an immediate X-ray. 

If a fracture is diagnosed, a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon on the same day can be arranged. If you want to return to the NHS, a letter and your X-ray can be provided.

We will also provide pain relief and support the area to reduce the risk of any further damage. Crutches are available to borrow.


Our Harley Street clinic is best equipped to help in these circumstances. Please contact

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