South Africa Visa Medicals

Visa medicals for South Africa

south-africa-visa-medicalsSouth Africa visa medicals are required for travellers planning to temporarily reside in the South Africa. You can obtain your South Africa visa medical within 24 hours at either of our clinics. Our experienced doctors are registered with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and can guarantee a convenient, efficient and discreet service respecting your needs.

South Africa visa medicals include:
● Medical examination
● Chest X-ray

You will need to bring with you your original passport to prove your identity and a passport size photograph.


A visa medical for travel to South Africa costs £195

Why should you choose our Walk-In clinics for your medical?
We promise you no hidden charges such as administration fees.

What should you bring for your medicals?
You are required to provide your original passport to prove your identity. If your passport is not available then you can use your driving licence instead.

What tests does the medical include?
Our doctor will assess your hearing and vision. They will also perform an overall examination and evaluate your medical history.

Is there a blood sample required?
No, there is no blood sample required for the South Africa visa medicals

Is there a urine sample required?
No, there is no urine sample required for this medical.

Are there any other scans requested by the embassy?
A chest X-ray scan is also required. This will be arranged for you immediately after your appointment with the GP.

When will your report be ready?
The full medical report will be ready for you in 24 hours.

What else is there for you?
Starting a new life in a different country or taking an extended stay abroad can present a new list of stresses. Alleviate this by getting an overview of your health before you leave in preparation for your trip. To everyone who has their visa medicals with us, we offer comprehensive Wellman/Wellwoman medicals with a £30 discount.

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Visa medicals are available at both locations.

If you are a company seeking multiple medicals, please email the manager directly on [email protected].

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