Routine and Emergency Contraception

contraceptionIf you require a repeat prescription for the contraceptive pill, want to discuss your future options or require the advanced emergency contraception, Ella One, we can help. 

Routine contraception:

We can help if you need a repeat prescription of your contraceptive pill or whether you need to discuss contraceptive options with a GP. There are numerous options available to you including different types of pill, implants and coils. We do not fit implants and coils here but can organise a fast-track referral to a consultant gynaecologist who can do this for you. 

Emergency contraception:

Traditional emergency contraception is effective up to 72 hours and is available over the counter at pharmacies. Ella One is a new emergency contraceptive which is effective up to 5 days and remains effective even if emergency contraceptive has been previously used during your menstrual cycle. This is available at our clinic at £75 for a consultation and a prescription which can be dispensed by most pharmacies.