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Liver Function Test

Blood test for liver disease

Liver function testing helps to catch liver diseases early, particularly as in their early stages, the symptoms are often mild and not detected.

A liver function test looks at a number of clinical biochemistry parameters including liver enzymes. These tests can also be the first step in diagnosis of other conditions such as fatty liver.

In the case of abnormal results, an experienced doctor will help you understand the next appropriate step in terms of either further testing or repeat testing in the first instance.

These tests help to distinguish between different types of liver disorder, check for the extent of any liver damage and also monitor the response to treatment. A liver function test can also be used to monitor the health of your liver while taking certain medication.


Preparing for test

Please ensure that you arrive for your blood test well-hydrated.

During the test

The liver function test is a simple blood test. A needle is inserted into a vein, usually on the inner arm near the elbow, and a small amount of blood is drawn. You may feel a pricking or scratching sensation.

Type of sample taken:



If you have just a blood test, we will email you the results as soon they arrive from the laboratory. The test price doesn’t include the interpretation of the results. We suggest that our patients have the consultation ahead of the test. This provides an opportunity to discuss any concerns and symptoms with the doctor, get professional advice on the most suitable testing, as well as the follow up call by your doctor explaining all your results.


What is the cause of liver disease?

Liver disease can be caused by a number of different factors including excessive alcohol consumption, drug abuse, hereditary factors, hepatitis, and other viruses.

What is the role of the liver in the body?

The liver has a huge role in our overall health. It converts the food we eat into energy, and detoxifies the body of substances such as alcohol, medications, and environmental toxins. It also produces a number of enzymes and chemicals needed for the body’s major processes.

Can a diseased liver be healed?

Long-term damage to the liver, where it is not able to regenerate itself, can cause a scarring of the organ called cirrhosis. If liver disease is caught and treated before cirrhosis develops, the liver is actually the only organ in the body that can regenerate and heal itself.


Liver Function Checks

Blood Group & Antibody
Blood Group & Antibody
Blood Group & Antibody
Blood Group & Antibody
Blood Group & Antibody
Blood Group & Antibody
Blood Group & Antibody
Blood Group & Antibody
Blood Group & Antibody
Blood Group & Antibody
Blood Group & Antibody
Blood Group & Antibody
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