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Cayman Island employment visa medical

If you are lucky enough to be escaping the British climate and moving to the Cayman Islands, you will require a medical examination.
The visa examination for the Cayman Islands focuses on your current and past medical complaints, risk factors, family history and general examination.


year olds most likely to relocate abroad
0 -44
Brits moved abroad last year for work
Brits live and work in China
Brits live and work in Saudi Arabia

Cayman Islands Visa Medical

The medical examination for Cayman Islands visa applicants involves a comprehensive assessment of your medical history, including past and existing health concerns, family medical background, and overall health evaluation. Additionally, specific tests such as an HIV test, syphilis test, and a chest X-ray to screen for pulmonary TB are required.

Our clinics can turn around a Cayman Islands visa medical in 24 hours, and the completed medical is available to collect, or it can be posted to you.

Scanned copies can also be emailed to you on request.

How To Book A Visa Medical Appointment?

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The relevant authorities require that we check your identity. Please, bring your passport and a passport-size picture so we can comply with this requirement.

  • The full medical report will be ready for you in 24 hours.

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Cayman Islands Visa Medical

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When will my report be ready?
The full medical report will be ready for you in 24 hours.
The chest x-ray is carried out to screen for tuberculosis.
A chest X-ray is part of the requirements. This will be arranged for you right after your examination with the GP in a specialised facility within walking distance of the clinic.

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