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Sexual health STI screening

Our comprehensive full sexual health screen package covers all of the main sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).


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rise in STI cases among 15-24-year-olds since 2021
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increase in syphilis since 2021

Full STD Testing

Our sexual health screening package includes a consultation with one of our doctors or a sexual health specialist nurse, as well as examination and STI testing. Also included in the package price is a follow-up telephone consultation with a doctor or nurse when the results are back, and any prescriptions you might require.

You should always consider getting tested after having unprotected sex, whether you have symptoms or not. In many cases, the infection is not accompanied by any symptoms until a later stage. Getting tested at a sexual health clinic will allow detection of the infection at an early stage and prevent it from developing into a more serious threat to your health or the health of your partner.

When should I have a full STD test?

Sexual health testing is for anyone who is sexually active and/or has had unprotected sex in the past. Because sexually transmitted diseases can also be passed on orally and because many do not show symptoms until they become more serious, it makes sense to be tested for your peace of mind, before starting new relationships and of course, if you are experiencing any symptoms.

We offer early detection testing 10 days post-exposure for HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis testing. We also offer a full range of sexual health testing, and suitability can be discussed in your consultation with your nurse or doctor at our clinics.

What tests does the full sexual health screen include?

The full STD testing package includes HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, syphilis, chlamydia & gonorrhoea. The doctor or nurse will take a blood sample and ask for a urine sample. Additional swabs can be included if you are symptomatic.

How To Book A Sexual Health Screen Appointment?

book online or call us

Use our online booking engine or book your test by giving us a call.

Choose your test type

On the online booking engine select the “appointment type” you need.

meet with our experts

You will be seen by one of our friendly doctors or trained clinicians.


  • For accuracy of your results, you should hold urine for 2 hours prior to the appointment.
  • Please also inform the doctor if you have recently taken or are taking any kind of medication or antibiotics.
During the test
  • The package includes blood and urine tests.
  • Additional swabs can also be requested if relevant for you at an add-on fee.
  • Some of your blood test results will be available as soon as 4 working hours after your test and urine tests are usually available within 12 working hours.
  • You can receive your results however you would like, whether by email, telephone, or post.
  • You are also welcome to call in for them or pick them up in person. If you require treatment, the doctor or nurse will contact you directly to discuss your results.


Why Choose Walk In Clinic For
Sexual Health Screening?

since 1998

Experienced doctors & a professional team

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Up-to-date with the latest treatments & testing


Experienced doctors & a professional team

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No hidden charges, phlebotomy fees or prescription charges.
Test prices do not include a consultation.

Full STD screen

  • HIV, Hepatitis B & C, Syphilis, Chlamydia, and Gonorrheoa

STD blood testing

HIV, Hepatitis B & C, and Syphilis

Fast Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea

The results are available in 4-6 hours

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Specialist Medical Team

We work with experienced consultants & healthcare professionals who have received positive feedback from our patients, and with whom we have established long-term relationships.


What is your confidentiality policy regarding sexual health screens?
We pride ourselves on having an excellent confidentiality service. You can get tested without providing your real name or your GP’s information, and results will never be shared with third parties. You can get your results in whatever form you prefer.
Some STDs have very mild or no symptoms at all, which is why testing is always recommended. Typical symptoms include abnormal discharge, unsual growths or skin changes, soreness, redness, or pain in the genital area, pain on urination or after intercourse, and unusual bleeding.
No. At worst you may experience some discomfort, but with an experienced doctor, the tests are quick and easy to take. The full sexual health screening usually involves a consultation with a doctor about your sexual history, and an explanation of the tests you will need. You can expect to have a blood test, a urine test, and possibly a swab test.

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