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90 Minutes

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Preventative Healthcare Screening for Women

Our Wellwoman screenings are designed to specifically address the health needs of women, offering a comprehensive 90-minute appointment with one of our experienced doctors.

This appointment includes thorough testing, a detailed report tailored to your results, and personalised advice on the next steps for maintaining and improving your health.

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Wellwoman Examinations Overview

The annual Wellwoman medical begins with a lifestyle assessment to optimise your diet and exercise for health goals. We discuss family history to address predispositions and develop preventive strategies. Current health issues are reviewed, and a personalised action plan is created.

You will receive a head-to-toe physical examination, including optional breast and gynaecological exams. We conduct a resting electrocardiogram and heart risk calculation using the Q Risk method. Extensive blood testing, including our Platinum Blood Profile, provides detailed insights.

Afterward, a follow-up phone consultation reviews results and next steps. As part of our Wellwoman package, we offer a free full blood profile within 6 months to ensure ongoing monitoring and proactive health management. This empowers you to make informed decisions for a healthier future.


Silver Wellwoman Examination

The Silver Wellwoman Examination package offers great value, providing a comprehensive overview of your health and including all the aforementioned services.

It also features our Platinum blood profile, which is uniquely comprehensive and examines a wide range of markers including anaemia, liver and kidney function, diabetes screening, iron levels, thyroid function, vitamin deficiencies, cholesterol levels, and more.

Price: £495

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Gold Wellwoman Examination

Our Gold Wellwoman Examination package includes a comprehensive female hormone screening in addition to the services offered in the Silver Wellwoman Examination package.

Hormone screening is invaluable for diagnosing age-related changes, fertility issues, and more.

Price: £695

Platinum Wellwoman Examination

Our Platinum Wellwoman Examination package is ideal for those seeking a thorough assessment of their cardiovascular risk and heart health.

It features an advanced cardiological panel that meticulously examines key markers of heart health. Additionally, this Wellwoman package encompasses everything included in the Gold Wellwoman Examination package.

Price: £940

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Diamond Wellwoman Examination

Our most comprehensive health screening package, the Diamond Wellwoman Examination package.

This package includes everything in the Platinum Wellwoman Examination package and offers a thorough three-site preventative ultrasound screening of your breasts, abdomen, and pelvis, setting the standard for comprehensive health screenings.

Price: £2,315


Regular breast cancer screening reduces mortality up to 30%
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Of cervical cancers are preventable if detected early
0 %
Of women can be helped by eraly bone density tests for osteoporosis
0 %
Of women die of heart disease. Regular screening is key
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Wellwoman Examination Add-Ons

Every woman is unique, and our Wellwoman packages offer personalised, high-quality care with a variety of add-on testing options. Choose from thousands of different tests to address your specific concerns and more, including:

  • Exercise Treadmill ECG.
  • Cervical Smear And HPV Screening: Add-On Fee £125 (Full Fee £195).
  • Comprehensive Sexual Health Screen: Add-On Fee£125 (Full Fee £215).
  • Chest X-Ray For Smokers Or Ex-Smokers.

How To Book A Health Screening Appointment?

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The Procedure

preparing for appointment


Before your wellwoman appointment, it is important to prepare by gathering medical history information and noting down any symptoms or concerns you may have. Make a list of your current medications and supplements for reference. If your appointment requires fasting, plan accordingly, and ensure you get enough rest beforehand. Wear comfortable clothing to ensure you feel at ease during your visit. These steps will help ensure a smooth and productive consultation with your healthcare provider.

during the appointment


During your wellwoman medical exam, your doctor will review your medical history, perform a physical exam including measurements like height, weight, and blood pressure. Blood tests will check cholesterol, liver function, and blood sugar levels, while a urine analysis screens for kidney issues and infections. An ECG may assess heart health, and cancer screenings may be recommended based on age and family history. Mental health concerns, including stress and anxiety, are also addressed.

post appointment


Your doctor will contact you within 24 hours of your wellwomen medical appointment to discuss the results personally. Additionally, a comprehensive report summarising the examination findings, results, and any recommendations will be emailed to you within 7 working days for your records and further review.

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Gold Wellwoman

Comprehensive head-to-toe examination, lifestyle assessment, Platinum blood profile, female hormone screen, follow-up telephone consultation, free full blood profile within 6 months

Platinum Wellwoman

Comprehensive head-to-toe examination, lifestyle assessment, Platinum blood profile, female hormone screen, cardiovascular risk panel,  follow-up telephone consultation, free full blood profile within 6 months

Diamond Wellwoman

Comprehensive head-to-toe examination, lifestyle assessment, Platinum blood profile, female hormone screen, cardiovascular risk panel, three-site ultrasound screening, follow-up telephone consultation, free full blood profile within 6 months

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What is the best way to take care of my health?
Some general features of a preventative lifestyle include diet (eating a balanced diet with lots of vegetables), frequent exercise (ideally a little every day, with a total of just over two hours a week), stress management wherever possible, and regular check-ups with a doctor.
How do hormones affect women’s health?
In women, hormone profiling allows us to understand unexplained weight gain or loss, tiredness, hair loss, hirsutism and acne and helps us to diagnose syndromes including polycystic ovarian syndrome. It also allows us to understand your menopause status later in life.
Why is midlife such a stressful time for women?
Midlife is a time when the female body undergoes the dramatic hormonal changes of menopause. The changes are similar in scope to puberty! Some women will experience these more severely than others, but either way, the body needs extra care and attention at this time.

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