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24 years’ experience Real Doctors Confidentiality No hidden charges
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Wellwoman Examinations

Preventative Healthcare Screening for Women

Our Wellwoman packages respond to specific health needs of women, helping you take control of your health. 90 minutes with an experienced doctor and extensive testing, a tailored report and advice on next steps.

(Please note that Wellwoman screenings cannot be booked online – please call or email us to make your appointment)

Why have an annual Wellwoman check-up?

The annual Wellwoman medical can help you identify your health risk factors and catch early signs of illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. It can also help give you the answers you need to take control of your health, investigate ongoing symptoms and create a plan of next steps, whether seeing a specialist or lifestyle changes.

Every woman is an individual and has specific needs. We are constantly working on improve the range of services for women through personalised high quality care. This is reflected in our Wellwoman packages, which support you regardless of what you might need, with additional add-on testing available.

Every Wellwoman package includes:

  • Lifestyle assessment – is your diet and exercise serving optimal health and supporting your health goals
  • Family history – are you aware of any illnesses you might be predisposed to due to your family history and what to do about that
  • Current health issues – a detailed conversation about any current health issues, creating a plan of action and supporting you to move forward
  • A head-to-toe physical examination including breast and gynaecological examination if you want one
  • Resting electrocardiogram to read your heart’s tracings
  • A heart risk calculation called Q Risk
  • Extensive blood testing including our Platinum Blood Profile
  • A follow-up telephone consultation with your doctor to go over blood test results
  • A free full blood profile within 6 months to keep monitoring

If you would like an additional cervical smear and HPV screen, this can be added on to any package for £125 (add-on price). 

Silver Wellwoman – £495

The Silver Wellwoman package is a great value package that gives a helpful overview of your health and includes all of the above. Our Platinum blood profile is included, which is a unique and very comprehensive profile which looks at many useful markers such as anaemia markers, liver and kidney function, diabetes screen, iron profile, thyroid function, vitamin deficiencies, cholesterol profile and much more.

Gold Wellwoman – £695

Our Gold Wellwoman package adds a comprehensive female hormone screen to the Silver Wellwoman. Hormone screening is an invaluable tool for diagnosis, understanding age-related changes, fertility and more.

Platinum Wellwoman – £940

Our Platinum Wellwoman is perfect if you want more in-depth assessment of your cardiovascular risk and heart health, with an advanced cardiological panel that looks in depth at your heart health markers. This Wellwoman also includes everything within the Gold Wellwoman.

Diamond Wellwoman – £2,315

Our most comprehensive health screening includes everything in the Platinum, plus a great three-site preventative ultrasound screen of your breasts, abdomen and pelvis. Truly the diamond of health screenings.

Add-on screenings

We offer thousands of different tests. To provide you with even more flexibility and choice, you can choose,  any of the following elements that help you address your specific concerns and much more:

  • Exercise ECG (treadmill)
  • Cervical smear and HPV screening – add-on fee of £125 (full fee £195)
  • Comprehensive sexual health screen – add-on fee of £125 (full fee £215)
  • Chest x-ray for smokers or ex-smokers

Feel free to call our knowledgeable team at any time to further discuss your health screening options or email us via our contact form.

Health screening packages price list


What is the best way to take care of my health?

Some general features of a preventative lifestyle include diet (eating a balanced diet with lots of vegetables), frequent exercise (ideally a little every day, with a total of just over two hours a week), stress management wherever possible, and regular check-ups with a doctor.

How do hormones affect women’s health?

In women, hormone profiling allows us to understand unexplained weight gain or loss, tiredness, hair loss, hirsuitism and acne and helps us to diagnose syndromes including polycystic ovarian syndrome. It also allows us to understand your menopause status later in life.

Why is midlife such a stressful time for women?

Midlife is a time when the female body undergoes the dramatic hormonal changes of menopause. The changes are similar in scope to puberty! Some women will experience these more severely than others, but either way, the body needs extra care and attention at this time.


Wellwoman Examinations


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