Basic Medicals

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Basic Medical Check-ups in London

In addition to our comprehensive Wellman and Wellwoman checks, we provide mini medicals, health screenings and examinations relating to specific conditions.

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Basic Medicals

These value-for-money checks and tests give peace of mind, a plan for the future and include a consultation with an experienced doctor.


Blood Pressure Checks

An initial blood pressure consultation at our walk-in clinic will include an assessment of lifestyle and cardiovascular risk and a blood pressure check.

You will see an experienced doctor who will discuss appropriate next steps with you, lifestyle changes and medication. Subsequent routine follow-ups can be organised at a reduced cost by speaking to the clinic manager if you plan to return regularly.

A 24-hour blood pressure monitoring service is available at our Harley Street branch. This will help us understand what is happening with your blood pressure over a whole day and night to come to a firmer diagnosis.

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Cholesterol Testing & Consultation

If you have a family history of heart disease, high cholesterol or stroke, or if you are concerned about your cholesterol, our cholesterol profile will tell you exactly where you’re at.

Some clinics only test your total cholesterol level which is a poor indicator of what’s going on. Our profile breaks this down into several important components, including the levels of LDL “bad” cholesterol, HDL “good” cholesterol and triglycerides, which gives you and the doctor a clear idea of the current status.

As part of your initial screening, we recommend a full blood profile which includes a comprehensive lipid profile.

This test additionally details the state of your kidneys, liver, blood count, uric acid and 40 different important elements.

The consultation with an experienced doctor will cover lifestyle and dietary changes and medication options should your cholesterol level be resistant to lifestyle improvements.

Express Medicals

We offer all kinds of basic medicals and health screenings and more complex ones too. Anything from a consultation about your blood pressure, to diabetes screening, to a general health check-up, we can help. Just get in touch and speak to our friendly team and they’ll talk you through your options, making sure to meet your needs.

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Detection & prevention

Basic medical check-ups can lead to the early detection of various diseases, including chronic and life-threatening conditions like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Early detection often means that treatment can be more effective.

Regular medicals encourage a focus on preventive health care. By identifying risk factors such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol early, individuals can take steps to prevent these conditions from developing into more serious problems.

Basic medicals provide an opportunity for individuals to monitor their health status regularly. This ongoing monitoring can help in managing existing conditions and keeping track of any changes in health over time.

What are they?

Basic medicals, often referred to as general health check-ups or physical examinations, are routine medical assessments conducted by healthcare professionals. These check-ups typically include a review of medical history, a physical examination, and various tests such as blood pressure measurement, blood tests, and urine analysis.

The primary purpose of these medicals is to maintain good health, identify any early signs of health issues, and provide an opportunity for healthcare professionals to offer advice on healthy living. They are an essential component of preventive healthcare and are crucial for maintaining overall well-being.

How To Book A Health Screening Appointment?

book online or call us

Use our online booking engine or book your test by giving us a call.

Choose your test type

On the online booking engine select the “appointment type” you need.

meet with our experts

You will be seen by one of our friendly doctors or trained clinicians.

The Procedure

preparing for appointment


  • Know what tests are being conducted and why. This can include blood tests, urine tests, physical examinations, or imaging tests like X-rays or MRIs.
  • Some tests may require fasting (not eating or drinking) for several hours beforehand, particularly blood tests for glucose or cholesterol levels. Always follow the specific instructions provided by your healthcare provider.
  • Inform your doctor about any medications, supplements, or herbal remedies you are taking, as these can affect test results.

during the appointment


  • Physical Examination: This may involve checking vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate), examining different parts of the body, and discussing any health concerns.
  • Blood Tests: A small needle will be used to draw blood, usually from a vein in your arm. This may cause a brief sting.
  • Urine Tests: You will be given a container and privacy to provide a urine sample.
  • Imaging Tests: For X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans, you’ll be positioned on a table, and it’s important to stay still during the test.

post appointment


  • Receiving Results: The time it takes to get results can vary. Some tests have immediate results, while others may take days or weeks.
  • Understanding the Results: Your healthcare provider will explain the results. Ask for clarification if you don’t understand something.
  • Follow-Up Plan: If the results indicate a health issue, your doctor will discuss the next steps, which may include additional tests, treatment options, or lifestyle changes.

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Do you offer ambulatory blood pressure testing?
Yes, a 24 hour blood pressure monitoring service is available at our Harley Street branch and the doctor might refer you if you feel that your blood pressure tends to fluctuate dramatically throughout the day or if you suffer from “white coat syndrome”, where you blood pressure tends to be much higher when taken by a doctor than when taken at home.
Should I get my thyroid checked?
Thyroid checks are recommended if you have a family history of thyroid disorder. Women can start experiencing thyroid-related symptoms as early as their late teens and 20s, particularly if another family member has a thyroid condition. In general, it is recommended you begin getting regular check-ups around age 30, or at any point when you have concerns.
What causes high cholesterol?
There are a number of possible causes of high cholesterol, but it can indicate that the body is working harder than normal to maintain balance. Certain diets (especially those high in saturated fats) can raise cholesterol levels, as can lack of exercise or overweight. In some cases, high cholesterol is inherited from family members.

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