Men's Health

We understand men’s health


Our clinics provide the full range of medical services for men of all ages.

Our approach focuses on prevention rather than cure and our comprehensive Wellman examinations help to prevent future illnesses. Male doctors are available every day and can be requested when you make your appointment.

Several of our doctors have a special interest in male health including prostate problems and erectile dysfunction.

Where a specialist referral is required, our network of specialists are usually able to see you within 24 hours.


Men's health services include:

Wellman examinations


 Prostate clinic


Erectile dysfunction investigation and treatment


Testicular cancer screening


Sexual health clinic


Male tiredness


Stress management

Common symptoms we help with at our clinics include:

1    Increased urinary frequency
2    Urinary urgency
3    Burning during urination
4    Unusual discharge
5    Problems maintaining an erection
6    Problems gaining an erection
7    Lack of libido
8    Tiredness and fatigue
9    Stress