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24 years’ experience Real Doctors Confidentiality No hidden charges
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Instant HIV Test

Check for HIV antibodies

The instant HIV test checks for HIV antibodies in the blood that are produced by the immune system when it is fighting the virus. The speed of this test allows you to avoid a stressful waiting period.

The final stage of the HIV infection is AIDS, which develops in HIV-positive people who can no longer fight a series of diseases as their immune system has become too weak. The virus is transmitted via sexual contact, sharing of needles and in-utero between mother and child.

A consultation with a doctor is included in all of our sexual health tests to discuss the most suitable testing based on your circumstances. We offer several HIV testing options:

  • Instant HIV test which provides a result within 60 seconds
  • HIV I & II antibody and p24 antigen blood test with results arriving in 4 to 6 working hours
  • Multiplex PCR testing is the most precise method for detecting early HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C with results ready in 3-7 working days.

Besides HIV there is a wide range of other sexually transmitted infections. If you have had unprotected sex we strongly suggest getting a general sexual health screening.


Preparing for test

No special preparation is needed for this test. For accuracy, it is best to wait at least 12 weeks after potential exposure.

During the test

This test takes a small drop of blood from the tip of your finger, with the sensation of a very slight prick.

Type of sample taken:



You will receive the result during the consultation.


What is HIV?

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus attacking the body’s immune system. People infected with HIV may not have any symptoms for 10 or more years.

What is AIDS?

AIDS is a late stage of HIV infection. In this stage human body is no longer able to fight a range of diseases.

Is there a cure for HIV or AIDS?

No, there is no cure for HIV or AIDS. However, medicines that fight HIV can provide HIV positive patients with nearly normal life expectancy. In this case it is important to find out about the infection as soon as possible. Early detection is the biggest indicator of better prognosis.



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