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Private Medical Specialist Referrals

The Harley Street Health Centre Group has special and longstanding relationships with a prestigious network of respected specialists in the Harley Street area and in the London Bridge Hospital.

Our network of specialists has been built over 15 years and constitutes tried and tested Consultants who our patients have reported back positively about and with whom long-term relationships have been established.


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Fast Specialist Appointments

The majority of specialists have sub-specialities which allows us to refer you to the most appropriate person for your condition. A full range of paediatric specialists is also available. Specialisms commonly requested or required include:

  • Cardiology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Paediatrics
  • Gynaecology
  • Neurology
  • Dermatology

We also have excellent relationships with specialists in sexually transmitted diseases where further management may be required post-screening.

GP Referrals to Specialists

Whether for insurance purposes or as part of your treatment plan, rely on us for a fast referral to the right specialist following your primary consultation with us. We will provide a detailed referral letter and send any relevant information to your insurance company.

Your specialist will communicate directly with us, allowing us to be able to keep track of progress and discuss the next steps with you.

Benefits of using our Walk-in Clinic:

  • Same-day GP appointments
  • Fast-track specialist appointments
  • Fast-track imaging referrals
  • No additional charge for organising specialist referrals

How To Book A Private GP Appointment?

book online or call us

Use our online booking engine or book your test by giving us a call.

Choose your test type

On the online booking engine select the “appointment type” you need.

meet with our experts

You will be seen by one of our friendly doctors or trained clinicians.


  • Your journey starts with a consultation with your GP. You discuss your health concerns and symptoms with them. Based on this information, your GP decides if you need to see a specialist.
During the test
  • Your GP provides you with a referral letter that introduces you to the specialist. This letter includes information about your medical history, test results, and any other relevant details.
  • You’ll usually get your results pretty quickly.
  • For common tests like blood and urine checks, you’ll have them in about a day, sometimes even on the same day.
  • But if the tests are more specific or need to grow bacteria cultures, it might take a bit more time.

Why Choose Walk In Clinic For
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since 1998

Experienced doctors & a professional team

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Your medical records are kept private at all times.

Affordable private
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Fast, affordable, high-quality GP and medical testing services with same-day appointments.

Specialist Medical Team

We work with experienced consultants & healthcare professionals who have received positive feedback from our patients, and with whom we have established long-term relationships.


Why use our clinic for your specialist referrals?
We have over 15 years of experience working with specialists, meaning that our network is tried, tested, and reliable, and we have excellent working relationships across a number of different specialisms.We can fast-track appointments and often get you a same-day appointment. In many cases, we can refer you to one of our in-house specialists.
You are welcome to use our service regardless of the method of payment. We suggest to our patients to consult the referral process and requirements with their insurance company to avoid any unnecessary complications with your claim at a later stage.
Any information that our doctors receive from you through a physical exam, medical history, or diagnostics, will be sent to your specialist with your referral letter. We work together with specialists to manage patient care and ensure you receive a service that is as efficient as possible.

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