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Employee Medical Examinations

Corporate medicals for staff members at all levels offer protection both for your company and your employees.

Increasingly, companies are conducting pre-employment medicals for all employees, including those with mainly desk duties. This ensures that you protect both your company and your employees by making sure that they have the right support to do the job and that they are in a state of health that is suitable for the demands of the role they will be engaged in.


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Comprehensive Office & Administration Medicals

If an employee has a history of back pain, for example, knowledge of this will help the company support them prior to beginning employment rather than risk their condition worsening.

It is advisable to ensure that you are aware of:

  • Any pre-existing medical conditions that will affect your employee’s ability to work.
  • Any medical condition that will require additional support or equipment.
  • Any musculoskeletal difficulties that will require specific equipment or seating arrangements.
  • Any substance abuse issues (which can be tested with drugs and alcohol screening).

As part of our employee medical test, we will provide:

  • Advice on the appropriate level of screening for each job description
  • A tailored medical for your company based on your budget
  • Fast turnaround of reports and recommendations
  • Communication through a single point of contact with your HR personnel
  • Same-day appointments

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What is the value of having medicals for non-executive employees?
It can be helpful to know any health requirements that your employees may have, not just to ensure their suitability for their role, but to ensure that they have the right support for their work. This reduces absenteeism and protects both employer and employee rights.
Yes, if the checks fall within relevant limits appropriate to the role. Some job offers may be contingent on the results of a medical assessment.
No, your employer will not be able see your medical records or receive any information about your medical condition without your consent.

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