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Medical testing

Our walk-in clinics in Harley Street and the City of London are well-known for providing the broadest range of medical testing with fast turnaround times and exceptional after care.

World-Leading Laboratory Diagnostics Companies

We are partnered with world-leading laboratory diagnostics companies located locally to both our clinics. Medical testing with us gives you the benefits of:

  • A same-day appointment
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Transparency about processing times and fees
  • Regular communication about the status of your results
  • A choice of receiving your results by post, email or collection
  1. Fertility Testing For Men And Women
  2. Diabetes Testing
  3. Kidney Function Checks
  4. Allergies
  5. Liver Function Checks
  6. Hormone Testing
  7. Thyroid Function Test
  8. Cholesterol Tests
  9. Comprehensive Sexual Health Screen
  10. Hepatitis A
  11. Hepatitis B
  12. Hepatitis C
  13. Syphilis
  14. Comprehensive Blood Profile
  15. Female Hormone Screen
  16. Male Hormone Screen

Full range of medical testing

We offer a full range of medical testing at your convenience including:

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Please note that Walk In Clinic is a private medical centre and not an NHS service.