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No hidden charges

What you see is what you get

No hidden charges, phlebotomy fees or prescription charges. Test prices do not include a consultation. We strongly recommend a consultation to discuss which tests are appropriate for you (except packages and sexual health) and the total cost.

If you request a test without a consultation (except for sexual health testing) and there are any abnormalities, you will be asked to take your results to your GP or return for a consultation, which is chargeable. Doctors cannot discuss results without a consultation and examination.

City Walk-in Clinic Consultation

Harley Walk-in Clinic Consultation

Visa medicals


Sexual Health Packages


HPV Testing


Kidney Function Checks

Pregnancy Testing

Fertility Testing for Men/Women

Comprehensive Blood Profile

Drug Abuse Screen

Prostate Specific Antigen

Mid-Stream Urine Test

Rheumatology Profile

Female Hormone Screen

Cholesterol Tests

Liver Function Checks

Diabetes Testing (HbA1C)

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