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Drug Abuse Screen

Substance Abuse Screening

Your company or employer may require pre-employment or routine drug and alcohol screenings as part of a drugs and alcohol policy, or to comply with the Health and Safety Executive’s requirements.

Drug use tests are often requested by physicians or drug abuse counselors, in order to fully understand a patient’s symptoms, drug use, and medication history. These tests can be done using urine or blood samples, and will definitively show the presence of specific drugs in the body, and their quantities. Results are confirmed using definitive analytical techniques to ensure accuracy.

Urine and Blood Testing

The urine drug test shows the presence of amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, some opiates, and other street drugs. The blood test is usually used to detect opiates, although the urine test can show some opiate results as well.

Chain of Custody

Please note, our clinic does not offer chain of custody drug testing.


Preparing for test

Please note that you will need to hold your urine for 2 hours before your appointment, in order to provide the best sample for testing.

During the test

A urine sample will be taken at the clinic. The doctor will explain to you what to do.

Type of sample taken:



This test does not include a consultation. We will email you the results as soon as they become available.


Can my drug test give a false positive?

The risks of a false positive are almost zero. Some decongestants containing ephedrine can give a false positive for amphetamines, and in rare cases, eating poppy seeds has led to a false positive for opioids. Giving the clinic an accurate and thorough history of any prescription medication or herbal drug use will help to give the best results.

How long after using drugs do they appear in a test?

Different drugs take longer for the body to process, with some staying in the body just 2-4 days, and others showing up on a test as many as 6 weeks after use, in particular with long-term marijuana use.

Which drugs are included in the test?

The standard panel of drugs that we test for are marijuana (THC), cocaine, PCP, opiates (morphine, heroin, codeine), and amphetamines.


Drug Abuse Screen

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