Health Conditions

We offer treatment and diagnosis for many conditions, from ear pain to foot pain, tiredness to stomach problems. Our experienced doctors are here to help you understand your symptoms quickly and empathetically, providing fast treatment and referral options.


We understand that when you are unwell, you need empathy, convenience and fast results and treatment. Our clinics are designed to provide same-day appointments and quick results, all coupled with a warm welcome and professional and friendly team.

The relationships we have built over our 25-year history in Central London also means fast-track specialist appointments and the ability to get our patients seen at their convenience. You can rely on us to get you better, quickly.



Chest Infections

Back Pain

Hearing Problems

Eye Problems

Sprains & Back Pain

Stomach Pain

Bacterial Infections

Joint Pain

Aches & Pains

Sore Throat

Chesty Cough


Ear Infections

Outer Ear Infection

Inner Ear Infection

Eye Stye


Eye Infections



Chest Pain


Why Choose Walk In Clinic

Here are some of the benefits:

Experienced since 1998

Experienced doctors & a professional team

Registration not needed

Up-to-date with the latest treatments & testing

Strictly confidential

Experienced doctors & a professional team

Affordable private health care

Transparent fee structure with no hidden charges

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