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Dubai Visa Medicals

Medicals for Dubai visa applicants

Medicals are recommended prior to arrival in Dubai, to ensure you pass the UAE government tests on arrival

Visa applicants to Dubai will be expected to undergo medical tests on arrival in UAE. To speed up this process, it is advised that you take these tests at home, before your trip, to give you assurance that you will have no issues being granted your visa.

The tests required include:

  • Current and past medical history
  • HIV test
  • Syphilis test
  • Hepatitis B test
  • Hepatitis C test
  • Liver function test
  • Pregnancy blood test for women

Your testing will be done by an experienced doctor, with results available in 24 hours.

What to do next

Please bring your passport with you, and a passport-sized photo. This allows us to verity your identity and provide the relevant information to the embassy.


How quickly can I get my results?

Results for Dubai visa medicals will be available in 24 hours.

Why is the Dubai medical test more expensive for women?

Women are required to have a pregnancy test for this visa, hence the difference in price.

Will I need to have an x-ray?

No, you will have a general examination and a blood test only.


Dubai Visa Medicals

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