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Overseas Placements

Medicals for Overseas Employment

More and more people are moving overseas to work. Extensive medical testing is required before deployment, especially in industries such as mining, aid work, hospitality and engineering.

In addition to pre-deployment testing, some visas will also require you to get a health check before you travel. We have conducted overseas employment and visa medicals for the past 15 years and can provide a comprehensive A-Z service including:

  • Medical examinations
  • Laboratory testing
  • Radiological testing
  • Recommendations and conditions of employment
  • Detailed reporting
  • Visa medical requirements
  • Travel health advice
  • Vaccinations

Appointments are usually available within 24 hours at both of our clinics. Our Harley Street clinic usually has appointments available 7 days a week.

What to do next

For more information on pre-employment medicals,quote or booking pleace contact one of the clinics.


What is the benefit of using our clinics for your overseas employment medical?

We have an experienced and knowledgeable team who provide efficient and professional service. We are pleased to offer fast turnaround times.

What do visa medicals involve?

The specifics will depend on your destination, but the medical ususally involves a physical examination and evaluation, and then possibly a chest x-ray for tuberculosis, and some blood and/or urine tests. Some vaccinations may also be required.

How quickly can I expect to have my results?

Many of our test results will be available within 24 hours. In all cases you will have the fastest possible turnaround times for the requirements of your medical.

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