Pre-employment Medicals


About pre-employment medicals

Pre-employment medicals can be beneficial for both a company and its future employee. They can help to prevent costly sick leave, ensure suitability for a position or identify special requirements of an employee-to-be. 


Throughout our medicals we place emphasis on personal approach. We will therefore tailor medicals to the specific conditions or requirements of the company or position you are recruiting for.


Pre-employment medicals are a legal requirement in many industries such as security, transport and construction, but thanks to their unquestionable benefits for everybody involved they are popular with wide range of organisations.


Our clinics are continuously building on a successful 15 years of experience delivering high quality medicals for a large number of companies, protecting both the companies and their staff from future risk.

Our pre-employment services include:

1    Meeting / telephone consultation to discuss and analyse your needs
2    Design of an appropriate medical template and test requirements
3    Diary management and support
4    Coordination with your HR team
5    Fast turnaround times
6    Support for unexpected or difficult outcomes

To arrange a meeting or discuss your requirements, please contact us and ask to speak to the clinic manager.

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