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Blood testing is a vital part of medical care, whether you are routinely testing to help manage diabetes and high cholesterol or need a blood test to help diagnose a medical condition. Many symptoms require a blood test, from unusual tiredness to headaches to recurring infections. We are a leading provider of private blood tests in Central London, here to support you on your healthcare journey.

Every blood test we conduct, even if you are testing for your own doctor or your own interest, is checked by one of our GPs as an additional safety measure – we are here to keep you safe and makes sure you receive the answers you need.

Blood testing can be an uncomfortable experience in the wrong hands – we only employ highly experienced phlebotomists and clinicians, who will ensure you have as pain-free an experience as is possible.

We conduct blood tests for a wide range of conditions and there are many benefits to having your blood test with us:

  • Same-day blood test appointments
  • Fast results
  • Highly experienced clinicians
  • COVID-safe facilities
  • Central London location
  • Transparent fees and no hidden charges

Book your blood test online with us today or give us a call – we are here to help.

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The price of the full blood profile does not include a consultation with the doctor. We strongly recommend a consultation in order to discuss the your overall health, testing possibilities and breakdown of the results.

Comprehensive blood profile

The comprehensive blood profile offers a unique comprehensive overview of your health at an unbeatable price. This special package of tests includes a full blood count, liver function, kidney function, iron profile, lipid (cholesterol) profile, ferritin, calcium profile, potassium and sodium. The profile includes 40 different markers altogether.

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We work with experienced consultants & healthcare professionals who have received positive feedback from our patients, and with whom we have established long-term relationships.

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Saasha Celestial-One
Saasha Celestial-One
I've had two blood tests, both times I didn't have to wait long and the appointment was quick and I received the results same day The first time I had a critically high potassium score, but since learned that pumping my fist is a common cause of this, so I had a retest. It would have been helpful to have been told not to do this, as I did it instinctively. That said, I'll be back for my next blood test.
Simona Bigu
Simona Bigu
One of the best clinic I walked in. The personal is absolutely kind and humble. For sure I’ll be back any time in need.
Christina Breaden
Christina Breaden
I've come the last few days for 3 blood tests. The team has been very professional, has not recommended or pushed for any other tests than what I want, and results have come back around 6 hours. It has been very easy to book appointments and they run on time. The office is modern and clean and I would come back for blood tests in the future if needed.
Alessandra Rosa
Alessandra Rosa
I did a silver profile blood test last Friday morning at 9 o’clock and at 1 pm I had my results by email. Very fast service and the nurse was very professional. Very happy I chose this clinic for my blood test!
Anastasia Datsenko
Anastasia Datsenko
I have been doing my blood tests at Harley Street Health Center for 3 years now and it’s always the best experience! They take care of hygiene so much which is the best thing you expect from a blood test center. The team is so kind, the nurse who did my blood test was so nice and friendly and absolutely pain free, I tend to have anxieties before tests but she made me feel so comfortable and calm! I have received my results same day after a couple of hours, incredible how quickly they assist you. Highly recommend!
Dhbian Abduljabar
Dhbian Abduljabar
Great place. Good communication and very professional
Absolutely great service, starting from quick and helpful customer service on the phone to fast booking with immediate availability. Appointment spot on time and the appointment was positive. Will return
Ryan Toddington
Ryan Toddington
I've had the Platinum Blood Profile two years running now and both times have been exceptional service. Very friendly staff and speedy results - can't recommend them highly enough!
Rahul Arora
Rahul Arora
I got a blood test done here for the first time and it was a very pleasant experience. Staff was very helpful in explaining me the types of test and what meets my requirements. I received the results much before time as was committed. Very satisfied
Josephine Goddard
Josephine Goddard
So efficient. Took less than 5 minutes and I had my results that same day

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