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Blood Tests

Blood Testing in London

Blood tests can help you get a firm diagnosis, or give an overall picture of your health. Your doctor may advise a blood profile depending on your symptoms.

Blood Testing

Blood testing is often essential to help patients monitor their health and to take the right steps towards correct diagnosis and treatment. Whether you need blood testing as part of your examination with us or you would like to take the results to your own GP, we can offer you a full range of laboratory tests.

  1. Vitamin D
  2. Vitamin B12 & Folate
  3. Rheumatology Profile
  4. Extended Comprehensive Blood Profile
  5. Comprehensive Blood Profile
  6. Cholesterol Tests


The price of the full blood profile does not include a consultation with the doctor. We strongly recommend a consultation in order to discuss the your overall health, testing possibilities and breakdown of the results.

  1. Blood Group and Antibody
  2. Cholesterol Tests
  3. Comprehensive Blood Profile
  4. Extended Comprehensive Blood Profile
  5. Kidney Function Checks
  6. Vitamin B12 & Folate
  7. Thyroid Function Test
  8. Glandular Fever
  9. Rheumatology Profile
  10. Diabetes Testing
  11. Liver Function Checks

Comprehensive blood profile

The comprehensive blood profile offers a unique comprehensive overview of your health at an unbeatable price. This special package of tests includes a full blood count, liver function, kidney function, iron profile, lipid (cholesterol) profile, ferritin, calcium profile, potassium and sodium. The profile includes 40 different markers altogether.

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