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24 years’ experience Real Doctors Confidentiality No hidden charges
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As part of our efforts to keep all patients and staff safe, we are no longer accepting walk-ins.

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Health Screenings

An overview of your health

Appointments are available within 24 hours and reports can be provided within 24 – 48 hours.

Health Screenings


Ever wanted to give yourself a head-to-toe MOT? Have family history you’re worried about? Want to make sure your cholesterol, kidneys and liver are all healthy? Want a doctor to examine you and check for signs of disease? A preventative health screening is for you. There are so many benefits to preventative health screenings including:

  • Catching early signs of disease
  • Lifestyle assessment and improvement
  • Supporting diagnoses of your health complaints
  • Monitoring clinical signs of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and more

What do your health screenings include?

We offer a range of Wellman and Wellwoman health screenings, with different packages to choose from. You can also tailor your health screening to suit your specific health concerns. Our health screenings include:

  • A GP consultation about any health concerns, family history and lifestyle assessment
  • A head to toe physical examination
  • A resting electrocardiogram
  • Multiple blood tests including full blood count, liver and kidney function, cholesterol profile, iron profile, inflammatory markers, thyroid function, vitamin D level and more. Depending on your package, you can also opt for diabetes screening, hormone testing, cervical smear testing and sexual health testing.

For full details, please visit the Wellman or Wellwoman pages.

  1. Fertility Testing For Men & Women
  2. Female Hormone Screen
  3. Blood Pressure
  4. Wellman Examinations
  5. Biopsies

Medical Screening

A range of health screenings in London

Executive Medical:

This is a comprehensive examination and assessment of health. It is suitable for companies who need to ensure that their directors, board members and senior executives are in good health. Some company insurers require this on an annual basis. For full details please visit the Executive Medical page.

Occupational Health Assessments and Employment Medicals:

Many of our GPs are qualified in occupational health which allows us to provide flexibility and a high level of care. We are able to provide a broad range of medicals to a large number of industry sectors. We are happy to take appointments from both individuals who are responsible for organising their own medicals and directly from companies.

  1. Annual screenings
  2. Mid-Stream Urine Test
  3. Drug Abuse Screen
  4. Basic Medicals
  5. Allergies

We are experienced in providing:

  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Visa medicals
  • Fitness to work medicals
  • Return to work medicals

And can support the following sectors and requirements:

  • Overseas placements
  • Office and administration
  • Executive
  • Public carriage office
  • Restaurant and catering
  • Construction
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Health Screenings
Health Screenings
Health Screenings
Health Screenings
Health Screenings
Health Screenings
Health Screenings
Health Screenings
Health Screenings
Health Screenings
Health Screenings
Health Screenings

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