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Ear Syringing

How to remove ear wax

Ear syringing (also called ear irrigation) is a process which washes out the ear canal and clears any plugs or blockages of ear wax.

If your ear is blocked due to a wax build-up, you may experience symptoms such as earache or pain in the ear, difficulty hearing, dizziness or vertigo, itchy ears, ear infections, and tinnitus (when you can hear a high or low-pitched tone coming from inside of the ear). Excessive amounts of ear wax that block the ear canal are caused by:

  • Using cotton earbuds to clean the ear; actually pushes wax deeper into the ear canal
  • Wearing a hearing aid, earplugs, or in-ear speakers, all of which can interfere with the natural process of wax leave the ear
  • Abnormally narrow or small ear canals
  • Excess hair in the ear canal
  • In older age, the wax produced by the ears is harder and drier

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Preparing for test

Our doctors can evaluate your hearing and help you decide whether ear syringing could be helpful for you. In general we suggeest to use a wax softening ear drops 5 days prior to the procedure. Call us or use our online system to make an appointment with a member of our team.

During the test

Ear syringing is performed by a special ear syringing machine. Doctor will protect you with a special gown and remove the wax from your ears.


Why do we have ear wax?

It is normal and healthy to have ear wax. It is a coating which protects the ear from damage and infection.

Can I syringe my ears myself?

Ear syringing should always be done by a doctor or healthcare professional. It should be avoided if you have recently had an ear infection, or if you have not first softened your ear wax.

What are the side effects of ear syringing?

Some temporary side effects (usually subsiding in less than a day) of ear syringing are dizziness, slight discomfort in the ear canal, and ringing in the ears.


Ear syringing

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