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24-hour blood pressure monitor

High blood pressure monitoring

We are pleased to offer 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, or Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) at our clinic.

This is a relatively new method of diagnosis for people with hypertension (high blood pressure) that is thought to be more accurate than previous methods. In a lot of cases, having a blood pressure reading taken can cause a lot of stress, particularly if you have received abnormal results in the past (this is often referred to as “the white coat effect”, a temporary increase in blood pressure that occurs in clinical settings).

This can make patients feel anxious during the reading, which can lead to an abnormally high result and, subsequently, a misdiagnosis. It is currently thought that roughly 25% of diagnoses made through straightforward in-clinic blood pressure tests are inaccurate. With ABPM, the patient’s blood pressure is automatically measured throughout the course of a full day, without the patient having to take any of their own readings.

What to do next

We have an excellent cardiology team who are here to help.

Please give us call if you would like to make an appointment to talk about Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring, hypertension, or any symptoms you are experiencing.

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Why do I need to have 24-hour blood pressure monitoring?

Fluctuations in blood pressure due to the stress of a visit to the doctor can make one-off readings inaccurate. This method of testing ensure that your doctor gets a reliable, accurate reading of your blood pressure.

Do I have to take my own readings?

No. The device we will give you to wear takes the readings for you over a period of 24 hours. You do not have to do anything other than wear it!

What does the device involve?

An arm cuff will be fitted around your arm, and attached to a monitoring device which will be attached at your waistband. The readings are taking automatically, and cause no discomfort.

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