Corporate Services

Corporate Client Services

corporate-servicesOur clinics offer a wide range of medical services for companies of all sizes.

Our professional, discreet and efficient team can provide medical services and organise occupational health requirements at highly competitive rates.

Quality of our service and satisfaction of our clients always comes first. We therefore offer a single point of contact, priority appointments and regular communication at all times.

For our corporate clients we offer:


  Employment medical assessments

An employment medical can provide assurances that employees are both physically and psychologically suitable for the role they are placed in, either before or during employment. Medicals such as this may also be important for company insurance policies.


  Overseas deployment assessments

We can offer medicals to check that your employees are fit to work before they are deployed abroad. We also provide fast track visa medicals.


  Fitness to work assessments

Does one of your employees face changes in their health and you are not sure if they can affect their suitability for their current role? Fitness to work assessments can provide you with answers and guidance on what changes need to be made to their work circumstances or setting.


  Return to work assessments

These medicals can assess an employee’s ability to return to work after any prolonged absence.


  ‘Flu vaccinations

We can organise group vaccinations either at our clinics or at your offices.


  Sick leave verification

If you require an independent assessment of repeated short term or prolonged sick leave our experienced doctors can generate a report with significantly more detail than available at a normal GP practice.


  Discounted same-day GP services

Our corporate clients benefit from same-day and urgent GP appointments at special rates. Timely GP appointments can reduce the amount of time employees spend out of work, prevent absenteeism and increase the quality of healthcare they receive.


  Seminars and health advice

There is an incredibly wide range of expertise amongst our doctors and we are able to prepare health-related seminars on subjects such as general health, stress management, healthy nutrition etc. We can also provide advice for HR departments in health related cases.



These services are available at both clinics. Please email the manager on [email protected] or contact:

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