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Changes to Our Opening Hours

Our Queen Anne Street branch continues to operate normal hours and services.

Our City of London branch is a temporarily closed due to the current lock-down.

We are confident that we will be able to achieve continuity of care for you through our Queen Anne Street branch and are committed to looking after you now and in the future.

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HIV Testing Harley Street

HIV screening clinic

Our City of London clinic, located between Bank and Liverpool Street, provides HIV testing in a sensitive, professional, discrete environment, with experienced doctors and an on-site counsellor.

We offer a number of different HIV tests at our clinic, including the HIV antibody and P24 antigen test, multiplex testing, early detection, and the instant HIV test.

Each of these tests have different window periods and are appropriate for different patients depending on how recently they’ve been exposed to the virus, or whether they are coming back for re-testing.

The test that can be taken soonest after exposure is the multiplex test, but if you are not sure which test is most appropriate for you, give us a call and our experienced team can help you decide on the best course of action. The cost of our HIV test includes a short consultation and a doctor will call you to discuss your results.


Preparing for test

Please try to arrive at your appointment well-hydrated, as this makes blood sampling easier.

During the test

This test is a simple blood test, where a needle is inserted into a vein of the arm, and a small amount of blood is drawn.

Type of sample taken:



Once the results have arrived, the doctor will give you a call to go over them with you. Any necessary follow up visits will be agreed over the phone. You can receive your results by email or post after you’ve spoken with the doctor, or you can collect them in person or call us yourself. If you opt for the instant HIV test you will receive the result during the consultation.

You will receive the results by email after you’ve spoken with the doctor. If you opt for the instant HIV test you will receive the result immediately during the consultation.


How is HIV different from AIDS?

Not everyone who has HIV will develop AIDS. AIDS is the final stage in the development of an HIV infection, and with early detection and treatment, HIV can be managed so that AIDS does not develop.

Current HIV medicines are much more effective now than they were even a few years ago, meaning that there are fewer cases of AIDS and better life expectancy for people with HIV.

What are the symptoms of HIV?

The symptoms of HIV are very different depending on the individual and the stage of the infection. Some people will not experience any symptoms. Others will have nausea and vomiting, digestive issues, sudden weight loss, or chronic fatigue.

When should I get an HIV test?

We recommend getting tested as early as possible after exposure, and retesting according to the relevant window periods. Some tests can be taken immediately, others will need to be taken at least 4 weeks after exposure.




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