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Syphilis Symptoms

Syphilis: symptoms, tests & treatment

If Syphilis is detected and treated whilst in the early stages it is relatively harmless. If left undetected and untreated it has the potential to become fatal.

Syphilis can cause stroke, paralysis, blindness and death if left untreated. If you or your partner has had unprotected sex, it is important to get tests. The number of cases of new diagnoses has risen significantly in the past decade in the UK.

Syphilis has three stages, each presenting its own set of symptoms. The symptoms typically will begin with a highly infectious but painless sore on the genital or mouth area. These sores will infect other people on contact. These sores disappear after two – six weeks.

Secondary symptoms include skin rashes, sort throat and these can disappear within a few weeks. You can then not experience any symptoms for years before the disease enters its most dangerous phase when serious damage can be done to the body.

Syphilis symptoms are difficult to spot, which makes testing really important.


Preparing for test

Please arrive for your blood test well-hydrated.

During the test

This test is a simple blood test. A needle is inserted into a vein, usually on the inner arm near the elbow, and a small amount of blood is drawn. You may feel a pricking or scratching sensation.

Type of sample taken:



You will agree with your doctor on your preferred way of receiving the results. You can be called by the doctor, emailed or you may decide that you calling us will suit you the best.


How do I know if I have syphilis?

The only way to know for sure if you have syphilis is to get tested. The main symptom of the disease in its early stages is a sore on the genitals, but this could have other causes, and many of the more common syphilis symptoms look like other STDs. Always speak to a doctor if you have any concerns.

How do I know whether or not I need a syphilis test?

Come for a test as soon as possible if you notice any unusual sores or rashes in your genital area. If you have had unprotected sex recently, it is advised that you have a full sexual health screen. Not all STDs, syphilis included, will present with symptoms.

Is there a cure for syphilis?

Yes, and the earlier the infection is caught, the more effectively it can be treated. Long-term cases of the disease can be cured but often cause irreversible damage. This is why it is important to stay on top of your sexual health and get regular tests if you are at risk.

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