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MRI heart or Cardiac MRI
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MRI Heart Examination

Cardiac MRI is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure that uses a powerful magnetic field, radio waves and a computer to produce detailed pictures of the heart’s structures (anatomy) and functioning.

It is one of the more popular diagnostic tools because it does not involve the use of X-rays. Instead, a large, cylindrical magnet is passed over the area of the body to be monitored.

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Cardiac MRI is most frequently used in patients who have congenital heart disease or to detect or monitor cardiac or coronary artery disease. Can also be used to diagnose other cardiovascular issues, such as:

  • Tumours
  • Infections
  • Inflammation

It reveals the size of the heart’s chambers, any damage or scarring suffered after a heart attack, build-ups of plaque, or blood vessel obstructions.

If you are experiencing any heart-related symptoms or have an existing condition, a cardiologist may recommend that you have a cardiac MRI to help them get a better understanding of your condition and treatment needs.

The MRI Scan

The MRI exam takes between thirty minutes to an hour. You will receive an injection of contrast dye beforehand, allowing for a clearer picture.

The procedure is painless, although it can be uncomfortable to remain still for the imaging. In some cases, the enclosed nature of the scanner can cause anxiety, in which case mild sedation can be arranged.

Our cardiology specialists are here to help you deal with any existing conditions, or to help you get a clear diagnosis if you are experiencing symptoms.

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What to do next

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The Procedure

preparing for appointment


  • Wear comfortable clothing without metal.
  • Remove metal items like jewellery, watches, and hairpins.
  • Inform about implants or metal in your body.
  • Avoid eating or drinking before the scan if instructed.
  • Follow specific instructions provided by the facility.

during the appointment


  • You will lie on a table that slides into a tunnel-shaped scanner
  • Stay still as the machine creates detailed images using magnetic fields and radio waves
  • You’ll hear loud tapping or knocking sounds during the scan
  • A technician monitors from another room and communicates with you via intercom
  • The process is painless and takes about 15-60 minutes, depending on the exam

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Why do I need to have a cardiac MRI?
Cardiac MRIs are used to diagnose issues such as tumours, infections, issues with the heart’s vessels, plaque, damage or scarring, and inflammation. The cardiologist may recommend this diagnostic method to you if you are experiencing heart-related symptoms or have an existing condition.
How long does the scan take?
A cardiac MRI takes between 30-60 minutes to complete. It is a painless procedure although you can be given a mild sedative if you find it stressful.
Does cardiac MRI involve x-rays?
No, the cardiac MRI is carried out using magnetic fields, and is considered to be safer than and preferable to an x-ray.

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