Suspected Fracture Check Ups






30 minutes


Pain Relief & Surgeon Referral

If you suspect you might have fractured a bone, or are experiencing ongoing pain following a recent trauma, there is an alternative to A&E.

At our clinic, you will be given an urgent appointment and will see a doctor for an examination.

It is sometimes possible to exclude a fracture by examination. If there is suspicion of a fracture, you will be sent for an immediate X-ray.


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X-rays took place last year in UK
0 million
ultrasounds take place each year in UK
0 million
CT scans take place annually in the UK
0 billion
diagnostic medical examinations, such as X-rays, are performed every year

Pain Relief & Surgeon Referral

If a fracture is diagnosed, a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon on the same day can be arranged. If you want to return to the NHS, a letter and your X-ray can be provided.

We will also provide pain relief and support the area to reduce the risk of any further damage. Crutches are available to borrow.

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What is the cause of a fracture?
A bone fracture is typically caused by external stress to the bone which is too strong for it to sustain, causing a break or a crack in the continuity of the bone. In other cases, bones weakened by existing conditions can lead to fractures more easily.
The healing time will vary from person to person. A fracture can take from anywhere between a few weeks and several months to heal.
Plasters, casts, and surgery are all possible options for fractures, depending on their nature, location and severity.

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