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Expert imaging with top range equipment

Comprehensive imaging services to deliver assured diagnoses.

Deliver efficient diagnoses and quality care

We have partnered our clinic with a top diagnostic centers, so that we can deliver the most efficient diagnoses and best quality care.

Available technologies include an open MRI (to reduce claustrophobia and make the process more comfortable), CT scanning, ultrasound, and x-ray.

High quality treatment means you can feel assured in your diagnosis, and know you are getting the best possible treatment plan from your doctor.

  1. Breast Ultrasound
  2. Ultrasounds & Mammograms
  3. Scans & imaging
  4. Pelvic ultrasound
  5. Transvaginal ultrasound
  6. Mammogram
  7. Suspected Fracture Check Ups
  8. Sprains & Back Pain
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Please note that Walk In Clinic is a private medical centre and not an NHS service.