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You can use our testing services to take the results to your own GP, or you can book a consultation with us to discuss.
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Urine Testing

Urine testing is used in various ways to help a doctor understand your condition, diagnose you, and then give you the best possible care.

The urine test price does not include a doctor consultation. We recommend that you do see a doctor in advance of getting tested, in order to discuss your symptoms and overall health and ensure that the test is the best possible option for you at this time.

Some circumstances in which urine testing is applicable include pregnancy, kidney disease, chlamydia, or drug/alcohol screening.

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Mid-stream urine testing

A doctor would suggest a mid-stream urine test to patient who is potentially suffering from a urinary tract infection. MSU tests identify which bacteria are causing the infection and to which antibiotics it is sensitive to.

This test is especially important for patients with recurrent infections or an infection resistant to treatment.

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Ani Nalbandyan
Ani Nalbandyan
Excellent, had a blood test booked and got the resulting same day. Location in city centre is very convenient and slots always available.
Adi Joshi
Adi Joshi
Really quick to book a last minute evening appointment, get my test and results were emailed by 8am the next day
Eleftheria Μastora
Eleftheria Μastora
I had a great experience in the clinic. No delays , the phlebotomist was very kind , very clean and I received my results early next morning. I would use this clinic again
Alice Bugliani
Alice Bugliani
Quick blood test in a very clean environment. Very pleasant experience overall and results within the day. I will come back in the future.
Joseph Abraham
Joseph Abraham
Excellent service! Got the results in 7 hours.
maria zizzi
maria zizzi
Great experience from the beginning until the end! Staff were professional, polite and efficient. It was a fast service with a calm atmosphere.
Bethany Deller
Bethany Deller
I booked in for a blood test with short notice. I was seen really quickly and got my results the next day. Great location in the city too.
Tanya S
Tanya S
I was able to obtain an appointment swiftly. On arrival things ran on time, the offices were professional and clean, and the phlebotomist was friendly and efficient.
The service was great. It was fast and the booking system was convenient. Healthcare staff was also friendly.
Rajneet kaur
Rajneet kaur
I have recently took a blood test at tgis clinic and I had a very good experience with them. The Staff are so humble and kind. They treat me so well and I am very Happy with their service. I am highly recommend this place for blood test or any other treatments.

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