Visa Medicals to Bermuda

Travel and Employment Visa medical for Bermuda - £195.00

bermuda-visa-medicalsEntry to Bermuda required a medical that assesses your overall health risk, outlines current medical complaints, past medical and family history of illnesses and a general head to toe examination.

In addition, you will need a chest X-ray to rule out pulmonary tuberculosis.

This medical can be turned around in 24 hours and you can choose between first class mail or collection.

An emailed copy can also be sent to you.

Q: What should I bring to my medical?
A: Please provide us with a passport photograph and bring your passport so that a copy can be taken to show you have been identified by official documentation.


There are a number of benefits of having your Bermuda visa medical with our clinics:


1    Medical is conducted by an experienced doctor
2    Helpful, professional administrative team
3    Quick turnaround time
4    Sameday appointments usually available
5    Medicals available 7 days a week (weekend X-ray supplement of £59 applies)
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We conduct visa medicals for employment in and travel to a large number of countries including:Saudi ArabiaChinaKuwaitSouth AfricaCayman IslandsBahrainIndonesiaAnd many more


Visa medicals are available at both locations.

If you are a company seeking multiple medicals, please email the manager directly on [email protected].

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