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kuwait-visa-medicalsThe application for the Kuwaiti work visa requires a number of tests as well as a written medical report. Your report will be ready within 72 working hours from the time of your medical.

The Kuwait visa medical includes:
Medical examination and report
Chest X-ray
Blood tests:
   Hepatitis B & C
   Pregnancy test for women


We offer visa medicals for Kuwait at highly competitive rate £395


Why should you choose our Walk-In clinics for your medical?
Our experienced doctors ensure a thorough examination. These are never provided by a nurse.

What should you bring for your medicals?

For this medical, you will have to provide proof of identity. This can be done by providing us with your original passport and passport-sized photograph. If these are not available to you then your driver's license can be shown instead.

What tests does the medical include?

These medicals include a review of your medical history and a general examination by one of our experienced doctors. This also contains vision and hearing checks.

Is there a blood sample required?
Yes, we will need a small sample of your blood to send to the laboratory. This is examined further to check for hepatitis B and C, malaria and filarial, syphilis and HIV.

Is there a urine sample required?
No, this medical does not require a urine sample.

Are there any other scans requested by the embassy?
A chest X-ray is also part of the requirements. Walk-In clinic can organise this for you after your GP appointment.

When will your report be ready?
The full medical report will be ready for you in 72 hours.

What else is there for you?
Preparing for a prolonged stay abroad and starting a new life overseas can be demanding. Get an overview of your health as a part of your preparation. Walk-In clinic offer a £30 discount to anyone who has their visa medicals with us.

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Visa medicals are available at both locations.

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