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Changes to Our Opening Hours

Our Queen Anne Street branch continues to operate normal hours and services.

Our City of London branch is a temporarily closed due to the current lock-down.

We are confident that we will be able to achieve continuity of care for you through our Queen Anne Street branch and are committed to looking after you now and in the future.

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COVID-19 Swab Testing

COVID PCR swab test for travel and work

In-clinic COVID-19 PCR swab testing for travel, work and to see elderly / vulnerable people for asymptomatic patients. If you are symptomatic, or have recently returned from travel, your test will be posted to you.

UKAS-accredited PCR swab tests for COVID

PCR swab testing for COVID-19 is the most accurate testing method available for an active infection, with close to 100% accuracy. A simple throat and nose swab can tell you if you are carrying an active infection.

This will help you decide on your medical management and after lockdown is the only sure way to exclude an active infection before visiting elderly relatives or a vulnerable person. You can also use this swab test result certificate if needed for travel and work purposes.

COVID PCR swab tests for travel purpose

Multiple destinations now require COVID-19/coronavirus PCR swab tests for travel. Destinations include multiple countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

We have helped many people travel with reliable testing and efficient result processing. Most destinations require the test to be done 72 or 96 hours before departure so please check your requirements and book in accordingly. We do not take responsibility for the timing of your test so please do ensure you have spoken to your airline before booking.

Why use us for your PCR swab test?

  • Our tests are UKAS accredited
  • We are on the government lists for testing
  • We process results 7 days a week
  • Our standard service results are available the next day by 8 pm
  • Our premium service results are available the next day by 8 am. (Please note you must have your test before 10 am).
  • We have helped many people travel successfully in the last few months

Destinations currently requiring a PCR swab test include Dubai (including for transit), Cyprus, Hungary, all Caribbean islands, Bermuda, most countries in Africa, most countries in the Middle East including Qatar and Kuwait and all of South-East Asia. Please check your destination’s specific requirements before booking.

Our fee includes any certificates you require.

How does this work?

PCR swab test for COVID at the Clinic

You are welcome to come to the clinic for testing if you are asymptomatic and need the test for travel purpose or to exclude an active infection while asymptomatic. Please do not attend the clinic for 14 days after being symptomatic. After self-isolating, it is unlikely at this stage that your result will be positive so you can opt for a laboratory or instant antibody test instead.

PCR swab test for COVID-19 at Home

If you are symptomatic/self-isolating, a swab test kit can be sent to your home. You will take your own sample, following the enclosed instructions, then post it back in the stamped addressed envelope from any post box. The results will be with you in 2 days once the laboratory has received your sample. A GP will call you if you test positive for further advice.

Cost: £145


Tell me more about the test

The test is done on a combined throat-nose swab which can tell you if you have an active COVID infection currently. It cannot tell you if you were previously infected. If you want to know if you were previously infected with COVID19, you can opt for an antibody test with us.

We are not currently seeing patients who have cold or flu symptoms or have had contact with anyone with confirmed coronavirus in person. We are also not seeing patients in person who have recently returned from travel within the last 14 days due to the higher risk of asymptomatic transmission. We are offering telephone and video consultations and testing for coronavirus / COVID-19 at home.

Book online now.


How do I book a COVID test?

Feel free to call us to book in your initial consultation or book online by choosing either the “coronavirus PCR swab at home” or “coronavirus PCR swab at clinic” option.

Will I get a certificate or paper result?

Yes, you will receive an official result from the laboratory. You can receive this by email. If you need a hard copy, you can collect this from us or we can post it to you if you are not in a rush to receive it.

How do I pay for my COVID test?

You will pay after your appointment.

Who should consider this testing package?
  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms such as cough, fever or sore throat
  • If you have had contact with someone with coronavirus, whether or not you have symptoms.
Can I come to the clinic for this?

Yes if you are doing this for travel purpose or to exclude an active infection when you are asymptomatic.

Do you share my COVID-19 result with any third party?

Public Health England requires every clinic conducting testing for COVID to provide patient names, dates of birth and addresses for every person being tested, regardless of the outcome of the test. By attending the clinic, you are consenting to us providing this information to Public Health England.


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