The Wellwoman examinations

wellwomanThe Wellwoman examinations are head to toe preventative health screenings that help you catch early signs of degenerative illness, risk factors such as high cholesterol and review your lifestyle and health requirements.  

Our medicals will be tailored to suit your individual requirements and clinical indicators.

Please note that these preventative health screenings are not intended for diagnosis of symptoms or chronic complaints.

Every Wellwoman medical includes:

•    Lifestyle assessment
•    Overall examination including BMI calculation, height, weight, fat content, girth and chest inspiration and expiration
•    Examination of the cardiovascular system including heart sounds and blood pressure
•    Examination of the respiratory system including peak flow testing
•    Examination of the musculoskeletal system – range of movement, restriction, tenderness
•    Examination of the neurological system – reflexes, sensation, power
•    Gynaecological / breast examination
•    Resting electrocardiogram for women over 45 or where clinically indicated
•    Urinalysis for 8 elements

The medical will also always include a full blood profile which is an excellent indicator of overall health. 


A full blood profile includes:

•    Haematology (blood count, platelets, red blood cells etc;  white blood cells and ESR which are inflammatory markers)
•    Liver function screen
•    Kidney function screen
•    Serum iron
•    Calcium levels
•    Full lipid profile including HDL, LDL and total cholesterol, triglycerides
•    Glucose level

•    Thyroid function screen

•    Vitamin D


Your Wellwoman report will include:


  • Nutritional and lifestyle recommendations 
  • Specialist referral recommendations
  • Interpretation of blood results
  • Assessment of risk factors and reducing health risk factors
  • Follow up recommendations

Optional additional tests at discounted rates:

  • Comprehensive sexual health screen £275 £145
  • Female hormone screen £160 £90



There are a number of options available to you:

1   Wellwoman 1 (inc. full blood profile, vitamin D level, thyroid screen, resting ECG and no smear)    £475.00 
2   Wellwoman 2 (inc. full blood profile, vitamin D level, thyroid screen, resting ECG and smear)    £575.00


Additional tests include
  • •    Hormone screening - £160.00 for full screen
  • •    Diabetes screening - £85.00
  • •    Anaemia screening - £180.00
  • •    And much more

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