Hair Thinning Treatments for Women

Female hair thinning cure

female-hair-thinningFemale hair thinning can be extremely distressing, especially when there is no obvious reason for its onset. 

At our clinics, an experienced doctor will discuss the circumstances around your hair thinning, your past medical history and conduct a thorough examination. 


There are a number of reasons for female hair loss and the relevant ones for you can be investigated right away:


•    Hormone imbalances such as high levels of testosterone can cause hair thinning in women

•    It is important to establish the level of scalp health as dandruff, psoriasis, fungal infections and other dermatological problems contribute to hair loss. A referral to a dermatologist might be required.

•    We will check your iron level – if you have low iron, this can cause hair thinning.

•    We will need to discuss your diet and ensure you are eating enough protein – it is what your hair is made of!

•    Low vitamin D level has a direct effect on hair follicle health and getting sunshine safely, increasing your intake of polyunsaturated fats (nuts, seeds, oily fish) and where needed, taking supplements will help.

•    Making sure you are not gluten intolerant or have coeliac’s disease – research has shown that this contributes to hair loss.

•    A doctor will discuss your general nutrition – increasing your intake of fruit and vegetables, oily fish, nuts and fruit often boosts hair strength

•    A lack of exercise can contribute to hair thinning. Exercise helps to pump vital blood and nutrients to all parts of your body, including your scalp.

•    Being stressed at work or about the hair loss will only perpetuate the problem.


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