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Coronavirus testing for companies

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Coronavirus is an especially challenging pandemic to manage as a company. We have supported multiple companies throughout the pandemic as a testing and healthcare partner.

The difficulty with preventing the spread of COVID among your workforce and to customers / end-users is that it is believed around 50% of carriers do not display symptoms and many people only experience mild symptoms. Testing is the only way to be certain that you are keeping everyone safe.


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Tailored COVID-19 Solutions for Companies

As a company, you will be facing at least one of these challenges during the COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak:

  • Asymptomatic carriers causing a COVID outbreak at work
  • COVID-19 testing for fit to fly certificates and test to release for speedy return to work
  • Staff who are unwell and at home with no access to reliable testing
  • Staff who were unwell and may soon return to work. You will want to ensure they are not carrying an active virus on returning to work

We have spoken to our corporate clients and put together several options for companies.

  • Routine on-site testing for COVID
  • In-clinic testing for fit to fly certificates and test to release, with fast turnaround
  • Home-testing kits dispatched / utilised centrally as and when required
  • Home-testing for symptomatic individuals
  • Quantitative antibody testing following vaccination to ensure successful immunity response
  • GPs available on the phone at short notice

To discuss your options, please contact Alya at [email protected].

How To Book A Private Doctor Appointment?

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Before undergoing a COVID-19 PCR test, kindly refrain from the following:

  • Nasal sprays for 24 hours
  • Any solutions in the nose for 24 hours
  • Consuming salty meals or drinking alcohol for 2 hours before the test
During the test

A trained nurse or healthcare assistant will perform the swab for you. The swab involves both the throat and nose, utilising the same swab.

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How is coronavirus transmitted?
COVID-19/coronavirus is transmitted through droplets containing the virus. When an infected person sneezes or coughs, droplets land on surfaces and are also on their body and hands. When another person touches those surfaces or shakes hands with an infected person, and then touch their face or eat with their hands, they become infected. COVID is highly contagious which is why it has spread at such a high rate.
You have probably already made a lot of useful changes to combat the coronavirus outbreak. If you want our latest advice for companies, please contact Alya at [email protected] who would be happy to share this with you.
We expect that many people will be mentally and emotionally affected by the coronavirus outbreak and will need support. We provide webinars and in the future again, seminars to help managers, HR teams and employees cope with the outcomes of this period.
Yes! Patients choose to use us as their main GP practice or for occasional use.

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