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Private Full Health Check

We offer a broad selection of medicals and check-ups at our private clinics in the City of London and Harley Street.

Our routine medical health screenings will give you an understanding of your status and help to prevent future illness. A full health check-up is appropriate in cases where you have specific worries about elements of your health or whether you would simply like to get a broad overview.

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Medical Health Check Ups

Our regular full health check-ups are a popular choice amongst patients who are on long-term medication that requires regular blood testing or physical examinations. GP appointments at a private clinic can provide you with high-quality healthcare with minimum disruption to your daily routine.

Your entire medical will be conducted by a doctor, not a nurse, and we can offer as much or as little as you want or need.  Our doctors take the time to listen to your expectations and needs. Fast delivery of results and appointment reminders are a standard part of our service, making your whole experience efficient and hassle-free.
Your needs are always at the centre of our focus.

Routine health check-ups include:

Routine health check-ups typically include a variety of assessments and screenings to monitor your overall health. The components may vary depending on age, gender, and individual health needs.

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How To Book A Private GP Appointment?

book online or call us

Use our online booking engine or book your test by giving us a call.

Choose your test type

On the online booking engine select the “appointment type” you need.

meet with our experts

You will be seen by one of our friendly doctors or trained clinicians.

The Procedure

preparing for appointment


Preparing for a medical health check-up is essential to ensure you get accurate and valuable information about your health.

  • Schedule your appointment on a convenient date & time
  • Think about any health concerns, symptoms or questions you want to ask your GP
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Arrive early to complete any paperwork or check-in procedures

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What Is a Medical Health Check-Up?
A health check-up is like a routine maintenance check for your body. It’s when you visit a doctor to make sure everything’s okay, even if you don’t feel sick. During the check-up, they might measure your blood pressure, check your heart and lungs, and do some tests to see if everything’s working as it should.
Why Do I Need a Health Check-Up?
Health check-ups are a bit like catching problems early. Sometimes, you might have a health issue, but you don’t know it because you feel fine. These check-ups help find problems early on, so you can get treatment before things get worse. It’s like fixing a small issue in your car before it becomes a big, expensive problem.
How Often Should I Get a Health Check-Up?
How often you need a health check-up depends on your age, health, and medical history. Generally, adults might get one every year or two. If you have specific health concerns or conditions, your doctor will tell you how often you should go. It’s like changing the oil in your car—sometimes it’s every 3,000 miles, and sometimes it’s every 5,000 miles. Your doctor will give you a schedule that’s right for you.

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